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Who were the mayors of Brooklyn prior to the consolidation into Greater New York?

Answer:   According to The Political Graveyard website, they were:

  • George Hall 1834
  • Jonathan Trotter 1835-36
  • Jeremiah Johnson 1837-38
  • Cyrus P. Smith 1839-41
  • Henry C. Murphy 1842
  • Joseph Sprague 1843-44
  • Thomas G. Talmage 1845
  • Francis B. Stryker 1846-48
  • Edward Copeland 1849
  • Samuel Smith 1850
  • Conklin Brush 1851-52
  • Edward A. Lambert 1853-54
  • George Hall 1855-56
  • Samuel S. Powell 1857-60
  • Martin Kalbfleisch 1861-63
  • Alfred M. Wood 1864-65
  • Samuel Rooth 1866-67
  • Martin Kalbfleisch 1868-71
  • Samuel S. Powell 1872-73
  • John W. Hunter 1874-75
  • Frederick A. Schroeder 1876-77
  • James Howell 1878-81
  • Seth Low 1882-85
  • Daniel D. Whitney 1886-87
  • Alfred C. Chapin 1888-91
  • David A. Boody 1892-93
  • Charles A. Schieren 1894-95
  • Frederick W. Wurster 1896-97

Consolidation with New York City happened in on January 1, 1898, so Frederick Wurster was the last "mayor of Brooklyn".

Today we have "Borough Presidents", an elected office limited to two consecutive four-year terms. Our current Borough President is Marty Markowitz, who has the official Brooklyn Borough website here, and our deputy Borough President is Yvonne Graham.

Following consolidation, the boro presidents were:

  • Edward M. Grout 18981901
  • Edward J. Swanstrom 1902-1903
  • Martin W. Littleton 19041905
  • Bird S. Coler 1906-1909
  • Alfred E. Steers 1910-1913
  • Lewis H. Pounds 1913-1917
  • Edward J. Riegelmann 1918-1924
  • Joseph A. Guider 1925-1926
  • James J. Byrne 1926-1930
  • Henry Hesterberg 1930-1933
  • Raymond V. Ingersoll 1934-1940
  • John Cashmore 1940-1961
  • John F. Hayes 1961
  • Abe Stark 1962-1970
  • Sebastian Leone 19701976
  • Howard Golden 19772002
  • Marty Markowitz 2002

source: Wikipedia

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