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Brooklyn, New York
Fire Department Station Houses
& Apparatus Locations

In an Emergency
Dial 911

For General non-Emergency help,
Dial 311.

   Scroll down for a List of locations

Map of FDNY Brooklyn Locations

 Click the red markers for more info on that location.
Enter a Zip Code into the search box at the bottom of the map
to find fire companies in that area.

E243 = ENGINE 243
L168 = LADDER 168

Only Brooklyn firehouse/apparatus locations are shown on this map. Push-pin indicates location of
firehouse, click on the pin for more info.

List of FDNY Locations in Brooklyn, NY

Engine 207/Ladder 110/Battalion 31/Division 11/Brooklyn Borough Command172 Tillary Street
Engine 226409 State Street
Engine 205/Ladder 11874 Middagh Street
Engine 224274 Hicks Street
Engine 279/Ladder 131252 Lorraine Street
Engine 202/Ladder 101/Battalion 3231 Richards Street
Engine 228436 39th Street
Engine 201/Ladder 114/Battalion 405113 5117 4th Avenue
Squad 1788 Union Street
Engine 239395 4th Avenue
Engine 220/Ladder 122530 532 11th Street
Ladder 105494 Dean Street
Engine 280/Ladder 132489 91 Saint John's Place
Rescue 21472 Bergen Street
Engine 234/Ladder 123/Battalion 381352 Saint John';s Place
Engine 227423 25 Ralph Avenue
Engine 233/Ladder 17625 Rockaway Avenue
Engine 217940 Dekalb Avenue
Engine 222/Battalion 3732 Ralph Avenue
Engine 214/Ladder 111495 Hancock Street
Engine 230701 Park Avenue
Engine 235/Battalion 57206 Monroe Street
Ladder 102850 56 Bedford Avenue
Marine 6292 Brooklyn
Engine 210160 Carlton Avenue
Engine 211/Ladder 11926 Hooper Street
Engine 221/Ladder 104161 2nd Street
Engine 216/Ladder 108/Battalion 35187 Union Avenue
Engine 238/Ladder 106205 Greenpoint Avenue
Engine 229/Ladder 14675 77 Richardson Street
Engine 2061201 Grand Street
Engine 23743 Morgan Avenue
Engine 218650 Hart Street
Engine 271/Ladder 124/Battalion 28392 Himrod Street
Engine 277/Ladder 112582 Knickerbocker Avenue
Squad 252617 Central Avenue
Engine 231/Ladder 120/Battalion 44107 Watkins Street
Engine 283/Division 15885 Howard Avenue
Engine 332/Ladder 175165 Bradford Street
Engine 290/Ladder 103480 Sheffield Avenue
Engine 236998 Liberty Avenue
Engine 225/Ladder 107/Battalion 39799 Lincoln Avenue
Engine 310/Ladder 174/Battalion 585105 Snyder Avenue
Engine 249/Ladder 113491 Rogers Avenue
Engine 2482900 Snyder Avenue
Engine 281/Ladder 1471210 Cortelyou Road
Engine 255/Ladder 1571367 Rogers Avenue
Engine 240/Battalion 481307 Prospect Avenue
Engine 282/Ladder 1484210 12 12th Avenue
Engine 2471336 60th Street
Engine 241/Ladder 1096630 3rd Avenue
Engine 2429219 5th Avenue
Engine 284/Ladder 1491157 79th Street
Engine 243/Ladder 168/Battalion 428653 18th Avenue
Engine 250126 Foster Avenue
Engine 330/Ladder 172 2312 65th Street
Engine 276/Ladder 156/Battalion 331635 14th Street
Engine 2532429 86th Street
Engine 318/Ladder 1662510 14 Neptune Avenue
Engine 254/Ladder 153901 Avenue
Engine 245/Ladder 161/Battalion 432929 8th Street
Engine 257/Ladder 1701361 Rockaway Parkway
Engine 3236405 Avenue
Engine 309/Ladder 1591851 48th Street
Engine 246/Ladder 1692732 11th Street
Engine 3212165 Gerritsen Avenue

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